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︎︎︎ Los Angeles Exhibition at Bridge Projects 

april 9th - june 26th 2021

this group exhibition Otherwise/Revival, visualizes the impact of the historic black church— specifically the black pentecostal movement—on contemporary artists. it is curated by cara lewis and jasmine mcneal. my collaborative new work created for the exhibition with designer norman teague is called sweet jellyroll for terry, made in homage to terry adkins (1953-2014), an interdisciplinary artist and musician, whose work often blended both.

the works in the exhibition respond to the “otherwise possibilities” embodied by the black church. sculptures, paintings, video, and performances celebrate the significance of music, praise, breath, and community. exhibited artists reflect on their traditions, heritages, passions, and talents to cultivate a space where art thrives and expresses a unifying language for all.

blkHaUS engaemenets in Otherwise/Revival:

with Daniel E. Walker, Ashon T. Crawley, Dario Robleto, Norman Teague, and Folayemi [Fo] Wilson

A Conversation with Folayemi (Fo) Wilson: Today Otherwise/Revival co-curator Jasmine McNeal interviewed the artist Folayemi (Fo) Wilson on the stories behind the sculpture “sweet jellyroll for terry,” her deep affection for the artist Terry Adkins, her understanding of spirit ...

additional programming at bridge projects

︎︎︎ smithsonian magazine essay by Glenn Adamson

historian and curator Glenn Adamson examines continuities between traditions of the past and contemporary makers that are extending craft practices within various communities in his essay “The State of american craft.” included is my collaborative work through a blkHaUS studio commission from the field museum and the chicago park district to create a public gathering space in the burnham wildlife corridor.

view the full article here
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︎ raising products virtual conversation series

raising products is a virtual series on art, design, and communities of color - it is about making and unmaking. this is a collaboration with the design museum of chicago.

‘the project exposes the design process and its relation to fabrication, branding, and artisanship, as well as sparks conversation about the history of Chicago art and design and its relevance to communities of color.’

more information about the 4 part series can be found here

︎ IDC students grantees

each of them was awarded a grant from blkhaus studios to attend the IDC conference sponsored by IDSA, and to get a complimentary IDSA membership.

we originally were going to award just three, but asked IDSA to help us kick in a forth one (which they did), because we had such great candidates. thank yous to @chicagodesignmusuem for their support.

more info regarding the IDC conference. 

“The IDC was refreshing and re-energized me for any upcoming projects and jobs. They highlighted designers from all over the world which gave me a new perspective and approach to human centered design, health care design, and education. I am excited to apply this knowledge further down the line.“ - Lafayette Doty

“I was particularly impressed with Mia Cinelli's presentation "Speculative Characters for Visual Inflection", Nicole Mclaughlin's work, and the "Where are the Black Designers: Follow up" discussion with: Ritesh Gupta, Mitzi Okou, Roshannah Bagley, Raja Schaar, and Forest Young.” - Emmanuel Dunagan

“I particularly enjoyed hearing from speakers of color about their experience in the industry and how they became successful. With few role models to look up to, many had to forge their own path or define their career for themselves. In many ways it feels like "they walked so we could run”...“ - Lela Jenkins

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